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2016 Louisville Real Estate Market Recap

In this edition of the Louisville Luxury Homes podcast Greg and I break down the latest statistics for the Louisville market in 2016. Of course, we pay particular attention to the performance of the high-end segment (homes $400,000+) and compare and contrast results by price range in the various East-end sub-markets. Overall, we once again saw solid gains across the market through year-end resulting in…

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Crunching Numbers On Year-To-Date Home Sales & Inventory

  Greg: Welcome to this edition of the Louisville Luxury Homes Podcast Series brought to you by Jon Mand with Lenihan Sotheby’s International Realty. We are talking about Louisville real estate market trends. Jon, good to see you. How are you today? Jon: Doing great Greg. Thanks for having me. Greg: My pleasure. We just ended a month a few days ago, end of May. I know…

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