First Quarter 2024 | Louisville Market Report

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As the new calendar year continues to unfold, the Louisville real estate landscape continues to grapple with familiar challenges. Low inventory levels across a spectrum of price ranges have remained a persistent constraint on market activity, a scenario further compounded by the prevailing high interest rates. These elevated rates have particularly influenced discretionary local sellers, who, under different circumstances, might have considered trading up for marginal upgrades like an improved work-from-home space, a larger garage, or nicer outdoor amenities. Unfortunately, for those locked into 4% (or lower) mortgages from several years ago, they are truly "locked" as their mortgage interest expense would double, or triple, for relatively minor upgrades which makes these discretionary transactions no longer feasible. The hesitance of these potential sellers to enter the market has contributed to the ongoing inventory scarcity, leaving only those sellers whose life circumstances have dictated a change of address putting their homes up for sale.

The Overall Louisville Market

The overall market has seen a slight contraction, with the number of homes sold decreasing by 4.1%. Despite this downturn in sales volume, home values have surged, reflected in an 8.0% increase in the median price per square foot. Active listings experienced a modest gain of 5.4%, hinting at a gradual easing of the tight inventory conditions. Interestingly, the average days on market remained unchanged, signaling a steady pace in transaction times. With only 1.4 months of inventory available, the market continues to operate under tight constraints, making it a challenging environment for buyers.

High-End Louisville Market (Homes $500,000+)

Contrasting with the broader market, the high-end sector displayed signs of vitality, with the number of homes sold rising by 3.9%. This growth, however, came with a more modest appreciation in property values, as indicated by a 2.9% increase in the median price per square foot. Notably, active listings in this segment surged by 16.1%, providing a glimmer of hope for high-end market buyers facing inventory shortages. Nevertheless, the average days on market also increased by 27.6%, suggesting that despite a greater number of listings, buyers are taking their time. The segment closed the quarter with 3.25 months of inventory, offering slightly more breathing room compared to the overall market.

$1M+ Market

The $1M+ market segment remained relatively stable in terms of sales volume, holding onto the impressive gains achieved the past few years, with no change in the number of homes sold. However, this stability in sales did not translate to pricing, as the median price per square foot experienced a remarkable increase of 25.6%. This sharp rise in value underscores the sustained demand for luxury properties in Louisville, despite broader market challenges. However, sellers of existing homes in this segment should temper their expectations as an influx of new construction sales, with their highest costs per square foot, had an outsized impact on this sector and was responsible for the vast majority of the increase. With 5.1 months of inventory, the highest among the segments, this market offers a relatively wider selection for affluent buyers.

As we navigate through 2024, the Louisville real estate market continues to be shaped by the interplay of low inventory and high interest rates. The restraint of discretionary sellers, coupled with the enduring demand across price segments, suggests a market that is cautiously searching for equilibrium. Buyers and sellers alike must remain adaptable, leveraging detailed market insights and strategic guidance to make informed decisions. In this complex landscape, opportunities exist, but success hinges on a nuanced understanding of the current market dynamics. Whether you are considering buying or selling, now more than ever, expert advice is essential to navigate the intricacies of the Louisville real estate market.

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